Photographer - Camera Exposure, White Balance, Autofocus and Physical Lights

Please use the latest version of the add-on if using the latest Blender version.
Cycles API changed in the middle of 2.93 development.

Hey @chafouin

I’m looking at your addon and was wondering if you planned to add HDRI into preset system.

Basically, I’m in situation in animation project where I have split HDRI for lighting and background (via Light Path/Camera Ray node) and tweak both of them differently for artistic purposes (rotations, scales and locations), per camera.

As you can imagine, with multiple cameras, it can be convoluted to adjust manually and best workaround I know is making separate World shaders, but I would have to switch it together with cameras, so there I’m with question if you planned some feature that let’s to preset/switch quickly HDRI/world shader?

EDIT: I’ve came across at this solution at the bottom of pag - this one sounds much better than separate World shaders in my opinion:

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Is there a way to force building thumbnails for EXRs that are too big?

Yes I’m planning to add support for World shader per camera, right now I’m struggling with performance issues due to dynamic enums in the UI, and I prefer to fix these first before adding a new one :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. that’s a Blender limitation. I can look into thumbnail generation operator using PIL or a Blender render hack in the future.

Sorry if the development has been slow recently, I am prioritizing stability at the moment because I will have to disappear for a while this summer and I don’t want to leave the add-on in a broken state.


If I am not misremembering Gaffer is able to generate thumbnails for large EXRs. It’s an option in the settings. Maybe you can poke around how they do it.

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Not sure if this can come handy, dropping just in case: Blazingly fast preview loads. Images of arbitrary size. bpy.utils.previews drop-in replacement

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Thanks for the mention.
We are currently limiting the formats we handle with Pillow artificially to JPEG and PNG. But that is an easy fix. In addition, one could add a file-based cache. For our current use cases, it’s fast enough without it.
Load and scaling of images is handled non-blocking btw.
Looking forward to feedback/a discussion and/or a pull request. :slight_smile:


Would that include separating HDRI/backplates? I find tweaking HDRI for lighting/reflections and HDRI/backplates for background great for artistic control/finding good compositions. In any case, glad to hear it’s planned :slight_smile:

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Definitely looks interesting.

Thanks a lot for sharing your library. I’ll definitely look into it, it would be great if it could handle large HDR images.

Yes, although I want features to work for both Cycles and EEVEE, so it won’t be as simple as adding a Cycles Light Path node and will require a bit of experimentation.

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+1 , this process would help alot if simplified by this addon!

It seems Photographer is not supported yet with Blender 2.93 ARM Beta?

We use Pillow internally. I just looked at the documentation, and HDR/EXR images are not supported. So I don’t think we would build in support for that in the short term.

Here is how Greg does the conversion btw:

Once the images are converted to preview JPGs, you can use our library to provide a faster loading experience than bpy.utils.previews is able to.

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Hmmm I do have a fix coming tonight for a mac error (HDRI folders related), but the one you linked is weird. Which version of the add-on are you using? Please try a clean install of the latest version of Photographer.

Hmmm I do have a fix coming tonight for a mac error (HDRI folders related), but the one you linked is weird. Which version of the add-on are you using? Please try a clean install of the latest version of Photographer.

All good now. I fired up Blender on my M1 today and I was able to enable the addon. Sorry for the false alarm.

4.2.3 is out:

  • Fixed performance issue when world HDRI options panel was visible in the UI
  • Fixed macOS HDRI subfolder error introduced in 4.2
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Does plugin support rendering multiple animated cameras? Was wondering if this feature works only for stills.

Render Queue only works for stills at the moment. Animated renders is in the todo list.


@chafouin Heyo, how cool would it be to have just a button to render all marked frames.
I just thought of this, and it would be really easy todo and a great addition to the Render Queue.

EDIT: Would be rly helpful for quick animatic sortof things, and also bcs there’s like no real option todo it otherwise, but u have this feature already where u save each into it’s own render-slot (never figured this out) link to this: How to get the frame number from a timeline marker

@Cypoe I can look into it, seems pretty easy. One caveat: timeline markers are not saved per-camera, but per-scene. So you won’t be able to render different markers for different cameras without creating a different scene :slight_smile:

Update for version 3 released today: 3.8.0

  • Now compatible with Blender 2.93.

A new version for Photographer 4 will be released soon with a Thumbnail Generator (@vfxninjaeditor), and if I don’t hit any blocker, Per-camera World override.

@nameless, can you provide a bit more information about what settings and workflow you would expect for backplates? You can contact me in private if you want.


Awesome! Both of those features will be incredibly useful and time saving. :slight_smile: