Photographer - Camera Exposure, White balance, Autofocus and Physical Lights

What comes to mind now is compatibility with physical lights and maintenance.

I’m willing to pay for Photograhper4. This addon is getting better and better and your support is undoubtedly the best!

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I’m also willing to pay a small fee for the upgrade so you don’t have to split things into two different products.

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You can do the separation and give a free coupon to Photographer 3 customers to buy “Lightsource” and upgrade to Photographer 4.

That would be the plan, yes :slight_smile:


Unrelated to the above discussion. Would it be possible to have features added that support Octane for Blender camera settings?

Definitely possible, it’s just a lot of work. Octane uses a different nomenclature, rendering options that don’t have equivalent in Cycles… It’s been on my list for a long time, we’ll see.
If I start using Octane more personally, that will definitely happen! I think it’s a great renderer but I’ve seen myself go back to Cycles every time for ease of use and EEVEE preview.

Hi @chafouin!
Thanks for your great Addon, really makes work a lot easier.

Would it be possible to extend the DOF function from a simple focus plane to some kind of “depth of field area” dependent on the Aperture value?


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It’s doable, I’ll put it on my list but it’s a pretty low prio for now, I have other features to work on first.

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I am planning to start a testing phase in a week or two, and I’m looking for a few testers. Please send me a PM if you are interested in participating.