Photographer - Camera Exposure, White Balance, Autofocus, Physical Lights, Bokeh, Render Queue

Nice, so if I need 4 stops difference that would mean that the pixel value difference should be 16! Thank you again!

I’ve got this error every time I’m trying to save a Lens preset, it then saved a (incomplete?) preset file and when trying to delete it says that I don’t have permission to do it (but I can manually delete it in the Explorer).


Any other preset (camera, exposure, resolution etc.) is working fine when adding or deleting a preset.

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The gobo feature in v5 is great. I would suggest including a texture like this, for giving an impression light is filtered through a tree. Ideally the texture would be tilable.

Yes I will populate the folders with more and more textures as we go. Is the texture you shared CC0? :slight_smile:

There are many free images on the web you can use as Gobos.
I use sometimes those animated movies or Gif’s as long as they are not recognizable as itselfs … for personal work.

But you get the idea by using Gif’s and animated movies as gobos.
The quality isn’t that important because you never use gobos to produce hard shadows.

Here I get some of the gobos for my private work…

Also if you use one of the scatter addons available, take a tree, animate it and render as siluette.
Then you have the right tree gobo animation as you like for your gobos in the scene.

Another plus with movies as gobos is that you can change the gobos outcome by changing the frame in the Image/movie node to your liking, because the gobo is animated and changes over time.

Sometimes using colored gobos helps a lot with realism.

btw, is my earlier report confirmed as a bug? or just an error on my end?
For now, I just created the lens preset manually with the text editor😅

Confirmed as a bug, will be fixed with the update coming today.

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Thanks! I’ll wait for the update then and only create only the most used preset for now

Version 5.0.8 is available:

  • Added subfolder categories for Light Gobos and IES. Bundled textures are now sorted in categories.
    To fix duplicated textures, please manually delete previously installed light gobos and IES textures at the root of your presets folders:
  • Resolution improvements with automatic orientation.
  • Render queue won’t automatically add Camera name in the output path if a $camera is already present.
  • Fixed Resolution presets application.
  • Fixed Lens presets saving.
  • Fixed Modals UI error with Blender 4.0.

Does it mean 3.6 beta and 4.0 alpha are fully supported now?

3.6 has been supported for a while, and so is 4.0 now :slight_smile:
(but keep in mind that these are not officially released yet and new errors might appear)


I made it from so in my understanding it can be included in the add-on.

Would it be possible to add an option to remove the camera name (Like “Camera_0001”) that is automatically added when rendering with the addon?

It’s complicated…

If you render several cameras using the Render All Enabled, I need to force a different name or it will simply override the same file.
I could say to not add the Camera name if you only Render Active, but then if you Render All Enabled afterwards, it will end up with a different name.

The recommended solution is to Use Folder Structure. The Camera name will be added to the subfolder and not to your image file.

Yeah I understand. That’s why I precised an option to remove it, instead of being the default function.

This would still be an option that would make the Render All Cameras feature unusable, which is terrible user experience. I’ll think about a better way to do it.

I found another Bug, I can’t select False colour manually in the colour management panel, I have to toggle it in the photographer exposure panel.
I think it’s a similar issue to the previous frames override.

Fix coming in the next update, thanks.

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Bug report:

I was getting error when clicking Reset IES intensity that Point.003 didn’t exist.
My light was named something else, but data was named Point.003 so I think it was searching for object by its data name instead of object name. When I named my light Point.003 it worked.

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@chafouin this is not a bug but I have a question. I’m using Extra Lights add-on and it has lights with lumen value in the name. I added 400 lumen Flashlight, and the add-on converted lumens to watts, so power was at 6.4. and when I changed unit type to Lumen I got lumen 173.5 instead of 400.

How’s lumen to watt calculated? I’m assuming Photographer and Extra Lights are using different convertion methods and I wondered which is more accurate