Photography: Everyone Post a Picture or Ten!

Hello all!

This is just a couple of my pictures. If you would like to see more, just tell me.

Canon AE-1, either 50mm or Macro lens. T-Max 100 film. A little photoshop. Basically just contrast.


I always like a tiny bit of vignetting, for some reason.
the angle is slightly blown out, but its nice, good work

do you have a higher rez?

Thanks guys. Yeah, the angel was a little overexposed. That’s the only advantage to digital, you get to see your results immediately. But I still prefer film, for sure. Thanks again.

Oh, no higher resolution. I got a cd with the prints, and they don’t include very high resolution images. I would scan them at a high resolution, but… I don’t have a scanner.

Would you like to see more?

yeah man! put more up!

Alright, here’s two more BW and a color, but the color is digital, taken with my buddy’s Canon SLR blah blah blah 8.something megapixel. Pretty much a monster…


Oh, by the way. These are copyright me 2007. Please don’t use these without consent. And I’m pretty stingy with them anyways.

Looks good! I definitely like the black and while ones best! Hey I have a few photographs that I wouldnt mind sharing and Im sure their would be a fair few others around, can we make this an Open thread, so people can upload their photos?

Yeah, sure; the thread title fits.

Anyone and everyone, show your stuff.

Photography Brawl Ensues

well I have a ton of photos, I liked the lighting in this one. haha sorry about the subject of this photo

Ooooh, I like it!

The subject is fine, man. I keep running out of ideas for pictures. Anything goes as far as I’m concerned.

Is that film, or digital? It looks like its probably digital, but you never know.

my turn

BW 50mm lens T-max 100 film… EDIT: Repeat image, I’m such an idiot.

Yep its digital, EOS 400D

I do a bit of photography. I use a Cannon Digital Rebel XT. A lot of my photos are stored on my account at so just go there if you want to see some of my stuff.

Heres the link to the account:

I would appreciate any comments you have :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way guitar, that’s a nice photo of a spider you have there. Everything else is good as well.

Nadaklan, those are some awesome photos, my god!

Are you from Camden, like Camden, Arkansas?

Here’s another(s): [by the way, no stealin’ my photographs.]


awesome traitor :smiley:

Traitor, what was your shutter speed on that one?

Holy crap , nice pic traitor.