PhotoLine 22.50 released

PhotoLine 22.5 is released as a free update for existing v22 users.

(my custom setup is shown here)

Lots of bug fixes, usability and workflow improvements across the board, and this release adds native support for the new Arm Macs.

For a full list refer to:

  • On macOS native support of Apple Silicon/ARM

Nice! I’m thinking of returning to macOS when Apple Silicon iMacs have been released next year. Photoline is definitely a candidate on my application list.

Well if you think sacrificing blender GPU rendering is worth the switch…

Anyway hopefully all those pro software publishers are thinking of converting their product to all ARM platforms (linux/windows or even android…) and not only Apple.

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I’m sure the Blender Foundation won’t forget their macOS users. The Metal Vulkan wrapper will undoubtedly be realized in the near future. Until then I can choose to go for Octane, LuxcoreRender or Radeon ProRender for macOS GPU rendering.

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Well I hope too, personally the more blender users the better, since it’s probably our 3D software of choice, if better MacOs support could improve blender adoption it’s a win for all of us.

but it will be wiser to wait a little bit and see how their new arch mature.

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Yeah, I’ll wait at least until after the ARM iMac has been released and publicly tested.

Right on the heels of the 22.50 release, the devs uploaded the 22.90B1 beta.

For Astronomy buffs it introduces FITS and SER file support.

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