PhotoLine V23 released!

V23 expands on its already broad and deep feature set for image editing, vector editing, and print.

Vector improvements

  • mesh gradients
  • customizable pattern colours that override the default colours
  • more flexible vector clipping masks (a big one for me personally)
  • expanded precision numerical positioning of vector points
  • various other quality of life enhancements

Image Editing Improvements

  • Focus stacking is now possible
  • Stitching (finally!)


  • new animation panel to control animation parameters per frame
  • Animated PNG and animated WebP import and export (This one is HUGE because no other general purpose image editor supports this! Krita 5 beta does - see below)

File import & export

  • PDF/X-4 and PDF/A with optional CMYK conversion
  • PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-2u for long-term archiving of digital documents
  • non-coloured pattern import, editing, and export (PDF)
  • PDF mesh gradients are supported in PDF import and export
  • SVG mesh gradients are supported in SVG import and export
  • FITS and SER import (used in astronomy photography)

And many MANY smaller improvements as well as GUI improvements


both clipstudio and krita support importing animations and movies

You mean APNG and animated WebP import?

I did a bit of research, and Krita 5 beta indeed does now import and export both animated formats as well via FFMpeg - which I was unaware of, because I was still running the 4.x release. That is awesome, though! Very impressed by that.

ClipStudio exports to APNG, but I could not discover a way to import APNG files.

And WebP is not supported at all by ClipStudio, unless you happen to know that it is?

PhotoLine 23.5 incremental update released today!

Mainly an overall improvement and maintenance release, with many interface tweaks.
For a list of improvements visit:

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