My last work.
Everything made in Blender 2.57 + some compositing in Gimp.

I had a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy !

Here is a video of the face rig i made for this model :

C&C are welcome.


I like it. Very professional looking

She looks so adorable, very nice work. :slight_smile:

ha, great character!!! the rig looks very good and the final result even better!! thumbsup

Lovely character and very cool rig! I hope that something more will came out of this!

Awesome job! Great style, I like it!

Nice, lively character! Reminds me of Toy Story in some way.

Beautiful, good rig, very funny!

Thank you all for the nice comments. This is my first stars, thanks a lot !!! :smiley:

Great work! I would love to see a short film with the story how she made the photos!

Excellent work!
Nice nice character, really. And great rig. I hope someday i can rig something like that! :smiley:

I love it! Great work!

About a short film with Suzie (name for this little girl), I have some ideas so if i find the time, i may come with something.
Also, I still need to improve the body rig.

Thanks again for the nice comments!

Looks Pixar looking for real!
Awesome work man!
That character just made my day!:slight_smile:

Beautiful work! I would love to see some animation of her. :eyebrowlift:

So good it freaks me out a little bit (that’s a good thing!)

this is awesome work and would def love to maybe see a short film ( or long lol ) with this character.this little girl reminds me of the girl in despicable me. two thumbs up on this!!!

Thanks again for all the nice comments.
The style of the movies from Pixar and Mac Guff (despicable me) are definitely great inspirations for me.
The works of the blender community is even more inspiring :wink: (thanks for them).

thats really great work, on the rigg, and great illustration style too.