Photon based render engine and multi layer SSS

i’ve been looking for a photon based render engine that will work well with the node editor and multi layered SSS. but i have not had much luck finding infomation about it.

so i was wondering if any one new the best (free/opensource) render engine to use
and also if you could point me in the dirction of some good tutorials that would help a lot.

i did try Yafray but i couldn’t get sss to work with it (not sure if it’s because i was doing some thing wrong or if yafray just does not support it)


the best render engine to use that works with the node editor and SSS is the Blender Internal renderer. Use Raytracing for photon path tracing.

papa smurf
thanks i agree that the BI has the best intergration with the node editor and that it can pull of some extreamly nice renders, however i would still like to find another good render engine that can be used with sss.

Indigo has SSS support even has special materials for skin. However, there seems to be very few examples of people using Indigo for human renders. BbB had one in finished projects just a few weeks ago.

i didn’t know that, Matt. <saves for future refernece>
@OP If you are looking for photons because you want GI, check out BI’s AO and AAO

no its not because of AO but thanks for the help,

to be honest i love the BI it nearly always gives the exact result im after “not to mention its speed”; but im looking to create a photo realistic image of a clay/marble and wax bust and although i have got some realy nice renders with the BI they still lack that certain extra something a photon based render engine often brings.
Im also placeing them in a modern looking house (which has turned out realy well in yafray) but after compositeing the render with the BI busts it just does not look the same as it would had it been done in a single render.

looking further i did find a thread that suggested that luxrender may include sss soon
any one know when?