Photon Lamp in 2.4 RC1

Where are the photon lamps for Yafray in 2.4 RC1? I can find the button anywhere!!!

Please help. . . how are we supposed to get caustics?

The latest build that had the Photon lamp is in the Nov. 17 CVS build.

You have to have the Yafray renderer selected in the render window in order for the yafray: shadow and photons panel to appear in the lamp settings.


Duh . . … I should have known that :expressionless:

I actually started to panic a little when I couldn’t find the photon light. . … sorry . . . false alarm. :expressionless: (my 2.37 default blender scene has Yafray set for the default renderer. When I installed new RC1, it used it’s own .blend for default scene. I’ve got it fixed now though.)

Thanks for the explanation.