Photon Mapping in Blender 2.5

I’ve been checking this blog out:

And, I just need to know will Photon Mapping be available in the next Blender release? I love it. I’ve been using Yafaray and Luxrender, and I think it’d be great to use a built-in engine instead.

Not likely. Even BMesh that’s actively being developed right now won’t make it into 2.5.

When do you think this will be available… maybe as a separate program?

The separate program is called Yafaray :wink:

what might be in 2.5 is external render API so you could choose yafray instead of blender internal render.

also I think on the photon mapping, farsthary joined up with the luxrender team.

toontje: I thought BMesh was already in 2.5 trunk.


As of R22416 in SVN, it looks like bmesh is still on its own bmesh branch. From you can check out the work that is being done. I am still hopeful that it will end up in the initial release of 2.5.


yeh thats what i thought and video’s have been produced showing bmesh in action on some builds, like this one

Oh, so that means it will be included in the 2.5 release after all?

I played with a build from 8th. ctrl+alt swiped all over my mest making multicuts, and then i subdivided a couple of times. it was laggy but blender didn’t crash and I could move around in object mode.

Well… there are parts of bmesh in trunk (both in 2.5 and in 2.49) but that’s old parts used only for the bevel tool I think… Bmesh is being developed in the Bmesh-branch by joeedh and briggs. Jooedh have made great progress lately but it’s far from finished

@aermartin: please don’t post gigantic images, it’s kind of annoying especially for people using low resolutions.

And even more annoying for those who use their mobile phone to view these topics. Gigantic images are very expensive to download on a HSDPA connection.


the drop shadow was a bit much…lol

What’s that screenshot supposed to demonstrate anyway?

taking screenshots of windows on OS X does that automatically

Really? what a useless function.

Even the screenshots on OSX are trying to be sexy, hmm…

It’s included in the pic if you use apple-shift-4-space to take a shot. If you just use apple shift 4 it won’t, it’s just that pressing space takes a pic of the selected window, including the drop shadow.

Besides, on windows you actually have to use a seperate app called “snippet” or something, looks like a scissors icon, which leaves weird grid-spaced gaps between pixels and is blurry.

On Windows, you use the Printscreen-key on your keyboard.
(can be combined with the Alt-key to take a screenshot of the currently active window only)

Yeah one button generally “print screen”, copy to the clipboard…and what is this other nonsense…

what the heck are you talking about man…lol