Photoreal Amazon Remote

Some photorealism practice. It is often said that a single model, when presented with utmost skill and attention to detail, is always better than a scene filled with multiple medium-quality models. Well, I tried my best :slight_smile:

Modelled this in Blender 3.0 Alpha.

Textured in Adobe Substance Painter. Since I wanted to keep everything as realistic as possible, I tried leaving no compromises. Thus, I used 8k textures instead of the usual 2k.

I even painted a few fingerprints since surface imperfections are the key to photorealism. Used a noise texture to make the rough, bumpy surface. Added some extra roughness and discolouration at the edges for additional details.

Icons on the buttons were designed in Adobe Illustrator. Exported them into Substance Painter and painted them onto the buttons as Alpha Stamps.

I even rendered a mist pass and used it as a depth matte in Photoshop. That way, I can adjust the depth of field entirely in Photoshop.

Colour graded in Skylum Luminar AI.