Photoreal Conceptual Office

I’m working on a walkthrough animation for work that ties together existing offices along with futuristic conceptual offices and conference rooms.
I’m trying for photorealism with 100% blender. Any suggestions on making them ‘better’?
Visualization of a workstation
Tying in wall-mounted a plasma display for information/video conferencing
This room actually exists, it’s a control room for the super computers.

Really nice! :smiley:

There seems to be almost a complete absence of light where the wall meets the ceiling, but being someone with your skills you should know what you need to work with in the image.

Are you using AO? If so, turn your distances down a little. The heavy occlusion in corners is giving it too small of a scale.

hm. as pointed out already, the corners where the wall meets the ceiling are overly dark, although, that could be protruding ceiling panels? my only real concern ties in to the shadow problem. they are too dark. add some very dim fill lights to soften them a little, you can cheat a lot, and get a very nice global illumination effect, but without the rendering hit. and you could use them to emphasize points of interest. i use a low energy value, and turn off the specular component.

looking good!

jim ww

yes, it’s all about lighting… and in your scene the lighting is not especially bad, but it’s not enough… it doesn’t “go everywhere”. sadly, I’m the last person to tell you how to fix it … heh. maybe ambient occlusion thing.

I’m interested on knowing how you did the third picture, with the strange camera lenses?


basse you ever tried pressing “panorama” ? (maybe its called pano in blender) LOL


Really great ! :o bravo :slight_smile:

hehheh… pano… let’s hope so. there’s already slurps.


Why not try radiosity? It should be done quickly with those supercomputers you have there.


I like the lightning. It is close representation of artificial lighting in close quarters. But what I think it misses are some pronounced soft shadows here and there, and more shinyness on some material to break the dull pattern. Use some negative lamps to darken some areas that should be darker. Use some bounce lights to simulate radiosity.


This is off to a great start. In the first render, I think the whiteboard against the wall looks very realistic. I think the modeling is realistic also. The materials on the other items give away the fact that its not a photo.

Try adding a reflective material (chrome or otherwise) to the computer desk legs in the first two renders, and to the chairs in the second. The closeup of the desk in the second render, although out of focus, looks really good as well. Especially the reflection on the desk.

Nice work.