Photoreal hair

EDIT: We found someone. Thanks.

My name is Robert Rioux. I’m the CG supervisor at Real by Fake, a Montreal Canada based VFX company.

We are looking for a senior Blender artist that can do photorealistic hair. We’re not looking for cartoony or geometry based hair. Particle system. We have about 12 characters to make, both men and female. They will always be seen from behind. The hair needs to be dynamic so that they will adapt to the movement of the body (for females with long hair). As you can see in the attached image, we get pretty close and we will render at 3.5k.

I will need to see examples of your work of course. Please contact me at rrioux @

Please only contact me concerning this project and not just to show me your reel. At this point we are only looking for help on hair. Thanks for your understanding.


Hey Robert,

I have sent you an email.


email sent Robert! :wink:

William Silva

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