Photoreal rose

I was trying to model organics which I havent had much experience with and I was very excited at how this tured out, but any C&C is welcome. :smiley:


Wow, nice.

The leaves and petals seem to have a sort of paper look though.

Cool!!! :slight_smile:

Finally. XD You have no idea how sick I was getting of the weird, twirly, fake roses that everyone was making. Looking great. I’ll agree, though, they need a bit of a thicker, SSS look to them. Make a backup, first, then trying highlighting all the faces and extruding them slightly. Though don’t move the extrude, just press e then click, then use the shrink/fatten, ‘alt+s’ I think, to move the faces along the normals a tiny bit, just a very tiny bit though, just to give them a thickness.

Still though, the shape of the petals and everything, gorgeous. :]

The edges are a little to flat, you might try to curl them over a little. but it is quite stunning.

the branc texture looks strange.

Other than that - perfect.

Looks really nice =) Did you use AO?

not quite photoreal imo (no sss, flat leaves/petals) but a very very nice work regardless. nice leaf texture. you use an array for the petals? four stars

Very beautiful.
Only the crits that have already been said.

Nice work… verry lifelike :slight_smile:

Having done some very basic organic shapes myself this looks pretty good to me. I would be interested in knowing how you modelled this, and how long it took.
Is the background a photo? or part of the model?

Thank you everyone. Yes I did use AO and the backgroung is a photo that I blured to focus the rose in.

looks very real to me.
nice modeling in general.
love it!!

My eye will accept this as a silk rose, and be very satisfied so to do.

Well done.

Good use of background and lighting.

I believe that you did, indeed, achieve your goal of a “photorealistic” rendering of this object, interpreted to be made of silk.

Very beatiful, textures are great!