Photoreal try - UPDATE=page 2

Ok, I want to make this pic look as photoreal as possible. This is as far as I have gotten on my own and so now I would like to hear your crits. I know some of the textures are repetive, but I will touch that up in photoshop once I’m done. The dumpster is supposed to be nor mapped but the OSA killed that. Later, I’m going make a large render and shrink it to compensate for the OSA. :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C please!



If you want your bumps back add another lamp and set it to “No Diffuse” on the F5 buttons :slight_smile:

Mix up your dumpster texture. I can see the tiling from a mile away.
Use area lights for soft shadows.
What the #$%& is that thing at the bottom of the image?


Why would a pepsi vendor be by a dumpster??? Good job! I like the broken bottles.

this is really good so far. i think that the front of the soda machine should be glowing. if it’s plugged in that is.

The thing @ the bottom of the pic is a car mirror. It’s supposed to look like a car is parked there. If you had a hard time figuring out what it was I’ll delete it. Just thought it added a little more to the scene. About the tiling textures; that’s what I use photoshop for. You won’t see them in the final render. I’ll try ur suggestion about the light Desoto. About the pepsi machine, I don’t think you would be able to see the glow in the daytime. :wink:

Also, what about my bottle textures? Did I do ok with the materials? I have never textured bottles before so I want to know if there is a better way.

Keep the crits comming! :stuck_out_tongue:

The car looks like it could improve and the dumpster texture repeats, good other then that.





Lol. Yeah, Kansas_15, please read through a forum before posting. Or if you’re just stealing other people’s words in an attempt to make you look smart… don’t! You look like a fool.

Now, if you want people to hate you, then by all means, keep doing so.

did you use the knife script for the broken bottles or did you PE them? The glass material could use some work but other than that is is an alright image. Not photoreal though, but who cares…that is one of the beauties of CG - why take hours or days modeling something to look real when you can take your $50 camera (or $5 buck throw away) and take the image yourself!? as long as you try hard and don’t listen too much to the negative comments (that isn’t to say don’t listen to them - they are useful! just take them in stride!) your work will look nice! keep it up! :wink:

Ya kansas give it a break!



no no! don’t get me wrong! i am not saying don’t give it a try but rather strive for accurate and precise modeling (those two adjectives aren’t the same) and then start learning the ways of photorealism! photorealism is a unique and complicated art form - that isn’t to say regular rendering isn’t! - it is just that i see so many people striving for photorealism and then when they fail they get discouraged! don’t get mad get glad! you tried and if you tried your best then that is all that can be expected! just keep at it and you’ll succeed! :wink:

My bad I thought you were attempting to say that photorealism was pointless because you can just take pictures. Oops! :slight_smile:

sweet. needs better lighting, and a better texture on the dumpster (it repeats), and other than that, its got nothing on my stairway :wink: :smiley:

I need some hints for better lighting. Rightnow I am using a hemi and spot setup from the outdoor lighting thing in the blender manual. But if there is a way to get better lighting let me know.

@ prince: I just modeled it, although the knifetool would have worked better, just didn’t think about it. :wink:

Good and realist work ! Texture of dustbin is more repetitive. Bottle are very good modelising :slight_smile:

Geez, could I please get some crits other then the dumpster texture is to repeative?? I have already said twice that I would fix it. I want a bunch of different crits so I can get enough to add a new render. I WILL FIX THE REPEATIVE TEXTURE. I’d like some crits on lighting and such.

it looks pretty good other than the dumpster texture…its repetitive… (lol…I’m just messing with you).

The glass bottles look like the glass itself is too thin…almost like they’re bubbles in the shape of a bottle. The Pepsi machine looks like it was pasted in a 2D program…try to give it some depth or something so it doesn’t look too flat as compared to the rest of the pic. The car mirror looks too clean and neat, could probably do with another texture channel with some noise or something…maybe some bird poop? (just a suggestion…lol.) Did you use AO? if not, try using that and see what it does… ao makes a lot of stuff look a little more realistic.

thats it!

The dumpster itself looks pretty good, but it could use some more contents. I think you should maybe put some paper or other trash, make it overflow.


Well, maybe not overflow, but make it fuller.[/i]