photoreal(?) turtle (old model with new render)

glow and zblur done in Photoshop


:o Woah!!! That is awesome!!! :o

It looks sooooooooooo realistic. How did you do that?

Nice job!

Very nice, but I think the shell of the turtle is too faint compared to the body. Needs some color balance, to my opinion. On the color chapter, again, you should put some holes and yellow/brown mixed spots on the fallen leaves.

But I must say it’s an impressive work. Is the shell modeled, displaced or simply bumped with an uv-map?

Yes, it has bump and displacement too.
(On the shell and on the leaves.)

I think, the big problem is the low res. shell texture.

not quite realistic. sorry, too endi style dreamland look. :smiley:

I agree, but it is pretty :smiley: Great work :wink:

Very good render but not quite realistic.

Looks great thought!


Yeah - really NICE work ! :smiley:

But as the others say…Not quite photorealistic. Too much “dandy” and
foggy-dream-world look over it. And the textures aren’t quite there
yet. Not to mention the lack of “bumping” on the shell etc.

But keep working on it…and I’m quite sure you can take Blender
there Endi!

very cool. that he’s on his tippy toes is a bit strange. the lighting is cool, did you use glow?
<edit> just noticed from your fist post that you mentioned glow already.

displace the floor texture :slight_smile:
bloody nice, if going for photo real you could do as advised but I do like the dreamy effect… leaves plucked and dropped for eating? they look too real/fresh compared to the rest otherwise.

original picture:

it looks like he should be a bit lower on his feet.
and I don’t really like the glow in this case…

nice model tho!


now it’s half-way dreamland, who cares about photorealism(it’s something for photo-graphers), it should be 100%dreamland imo.

well if shell texture is too lowres, you could resize it 2d, blur a bitsy, increase saturation and add some grain to it. that should take care of her.

or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

it all looks good - don’t like those feet! nice work!

I like it … I also never realy thought that something should look too much photoreal … my opinion is : what’s the point in making something look like a photograph… you allready have the photo don’t you >? That’s why I think the leaves are okay … I like pics wich are semi photo …

It’s a bit blurry though did you post-p it? looks like a glow on top of the shell … but if so … it glows a little too much…

yes yes me like…


People should try and read the first post before replying…:smiley:

People should try and read the first post before replying…

I would think you don’t mean me… cause I read the post … you can notice that because I talked about the leaves wich olivs mentioned …

no i think he was reffering to me. i fail to see the big deal though.

Im sorry, I didn’t mean it offensively. I just noticed that people were posting questions that had already been answered. It was friendly advice, notice the “:D” At the end, lol. No big deal :wink:

wht he said…love that endi look :smiley: