Photoreal ZIP Disk

Just a little something I did for fun. Tell me what you think.

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  • Atariman -

its NOT photoreal…but nice model nevertheless, lacks a few details, though…

That’s nowhere near even being called photoreal. It’s kinda cool, nice cartoony look. The problem arise from too few textures and bad lighting.

Very nice model. But it really isn’t photoreal, the materials/textures look too…er…simple.

You probably meant the modelling was photoreal…that seems to be right…but without a convincing enviroment and some scratches and textures, you’ll only be left with the modelling.

bevel, bevel, BEVEL!

This image has a strange history too. You could archieve much better result using (only) Bender’s native renderer with proper lighting and shadows and with textures prepared in Photoshop, then added to Blender. Keep trying.
And yes, beveling is one of the most important aspects of “photorealistic” modelling. Look at your Zip – there are no sharp edges on it – even if they looks like they are :wink:

by the way, if you have c4d, why dont you model and render in there? bryce’s renderer sucks. i know, i have bryce r4.

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Yes, I do need to bevel my model. I should have done that before I exported it to C4D.

blendermax: The reason I did not model it and render it in C4D is because I don’t know how to use it yet. I kind of like the Bryce render. I am however trying to learn how to use C4D.

Union S8: I will have to agree with you about using the Blender render engine. This image was something I was doing for fun. I probably will render a blender version for comparison. When ever I can find the time to.

I am currently writing a program in Visual Basic for the print shop I work for. When ever I find time to get back to my Blender work, I think I will work on this disk some more. I also need to work on my cartoon dog.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Please keep them coming as I love the feedback on my work.

  • Atariman -

ahh i see…but i wouldnt use bryce as a renderer though, thats sad…you know, bryce is a piece of shit with everything preset for you, so you dont have to do a damn thing. id render in c4d if i where you, the renderer is FAAAAAR better. if you dont know how to use it, then render in yafray or something! :wink:

It’s not photoreal but nice,
try to add details (like a desk …)