Photorealism attempt

I made this scene of a throneroom lying in ruins.

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This looks pretty good so far! I’d suggest maybe adding some depth of field to your camera to blur out the foreground bits of grass to put more focus the actual scene, assuming that’s what you want the focal point to be. It also looks like you have a harsh line where it looks like a volumetric object starts (I’m looking specifically at the rightmost pillar with that weird oval looking shape there)? Maybe have it engulf the whole scene so you don’t get that artifact. Also, personally, I’d make that fog a bit less dense so you can see more of the objects in the scene. :grin:

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Sorry for the late reply but I was kinda busy with exams and stuff. Thanks for your critique. The advice on volumetric object and the motion blur is surely helpful

Agree with everything said. Read my mind.