Photorealism Competition (Blender Guru) - Toy Waterfall

I came up with this idea a week or so ago, I felt an overwhelming urge to capture the magic of the imagination one has as a child. I wanted to create something that felt as though it was real, like the toy of a child. I threw some bits and bobs together to come up with this. Then I stopped. Lacking focus it didn’t develop till I saw this competition on Blender Guru about photorealism and today it finally felt right that I should continue working on this. So far all I have is this:

I want the waterfall to look as though it was made of plastic a thin slightly translucent plastic and I think I’m almost there. I added the tree to create a contrast but also to create the feeling of being in an actual room. There is one source of light which is a window in the corner out of view. Took maybe 5-6 minutes to render 200 samples in Cycles. I don’t plan on compositing anything but if I need to I will. I welcome all comments and criticisms.

So I made some headway with the scene and everything and I think it is more realistic than it was before. I added an ivy mesh to the small chunk of land but left the leaves as square planes in order to make it more believable that it was done by someone who doesn’t have access to advanced tools and I added a wrapped gift in order to accentuate the feeling of surprise and an unknown. It all relates to the boundlessness of the imagination one has. By incorporating various toys and such from different age ranges I wanted to show that imagination permeates our lives.

Here is the current state: