Photorealism Contest!

(stephen2002) #1

You know that photorealism contest that I was talking about so long ago? Well now I have the means to set it up!

Here it is, with rules and a place to post your images and everthing:

Please let me know if anything is not clear in the rules. Have fun! :smiley:

(stephen2002) #2

uh oh…

Is there no interest in this idea anymore?

(PowerMacG4) #3

If I knew how to do photorealism I would enter it.
Let me know when you formed the “Newbie tried to make something and lets guess what it is Contest”
Got some tips on photorealism in Blender? Will lightwave 3d 5.6 pump out photorealism?

(stephen2002) #4

you don’t have to use Blender, and yes LW 3D does photorealism, but you have to know what you are doing with it.

(SGT Squeaks) #5

Sounds like a sweet contest to me!!! I think I will be joining. BTW, is your forum for 3d in general? not just blender?

(stephen2002) #6

actually, the computer graphics forum covers all types of computer graphics:

3D (any app), 2D, Flash

This contest is specifically about 3D photorealism, using any app you want.

Glad that there will be at least 1 entry! Anybody else interested?

(Idgas) #7

I think i might give it a shot never did photorealism before though.

(Jamesk) #8

It’s a great idea per se, but I think most ppl are busy envisioning scary stuff for ‘On the haunt’ right now. I know I am… Otherwise I’d go for it!

(stephen2002) #9


shall I change the time…or extend the deadline?

(Nayman) #10

whats the prize?

working on an entry right now

(stephen2002) #11

the prize, for right now, is the adoration of the community.

I don’t know what else I can give out that is under $50

I guess I will leave the dealine alone. You know, you could just try to make your haunted scene realistic and fitting to the theme “Interior Spaces” and enter it in both contests :smiley: