Photorealism Interior
This is my first render at an attempt of photorealism.
Also trying to give renders a story.
Any critics are most welcome, Cheers -CelestialReaper

increase the size of the render and turn up the samples, its hard to see anything

I agree with the resolution and samples bump. Is that a kitchen fire in the background?

…and upload it here to be seen without leaving a page mate (it also adds a thumbnail in threads view).


Its a nice first try. There’s plenty of detail elements to draw the eye. Most things are modeled well. I apologize that I don’t get the story. Here’s what strikes my eye:

  • cat painting seems to have its aspect ratio stretched horizontally
  • the floor boards seem unlikely wide
  • the chairs are an unlikely shape - unless its about the wierd chairs
  • what is the brown pattern on the chairs
  • the table proportions seem off - too low perhaps?
  • the baseboard around the base of the two pillars seems to be an unlikely design
  • what are the brown things under the legs of the table
  • something weird with the shadows cast by shelves on the far wall

Keep at it, it will be good.