Photorealism Nature

Here are 2 examples from our new Nature Essentials Vol. 1. We created over 800 plants and grasses (dry, super dry, fresh, wild …and so on). Wrote a python script and this generate the plants and grasses per random into a scene.

Greets to all from Team van Hoven :slight_smile:


It looks really good; all but indistinguishable from a random patch of grassland. I’m curious to see how it works on a larger hill scene.

Great piece of work, but I can STILL see that it’s fake. Mostly because of the leaves, which look to flat and perfect, with little detail. Also, one thing I keep missing is SSS for, well, EVERYTHING. Leaves and grasses are partially transparent as you probably know. Have you used it? It might mean the difference between something that looks very good and something that’s indistinguishable from the real thing.

Hi “bigpilot” - at first thx for the compliment :). A lot of people say …photo !!! and then we show some developer works of our products. In the beginning of our works, we went to the internet and looks for some CG meadows or grassfields, a lot of them looks like “comic style” or how we would say - “alice in wonderland styles”. So our clients want in the finish a product what is photorealism. In this kind of style we had to produce more than 800 different plants, grasses - Cause : Nature has in this ponit also more than thousands kinds of grasses and plants on a meadow. We had more than 13 month to develop this first scenes - and especially here in europe - we went out into the nature and made hundreds of photos, hundreds of reference photos for our target.

When we look to the internet, most of all meadows are green ! they are green, dark green, light green, but where are the death plants ?? where are the death parts of a grass ? and were is the death weeds of the meadow ???, meadows has a lot of looks, but they dont look like a tennis court or something else

A lot of grasses and meadows we saw is like a tennis courts, is like a golf court or something else in this case. Nature is a living part of this world, fresh new grass, old grass, death grass and millions kinds of this… (not only 20, 30 or 100 kinds of weeds)

In this case, when we create such a meadow we say - what a human see in the real world and campares in this way with art - or photorealism art, the eye of the human say : good, excellent or mmhhhh ?? excellent, when the humas eye saw this every day and this is our target : CG to photorealism :slight_smile:

every user has a lot of posibilies to create such a product like this, but we want more. Really close to this what is around of us, not pure cg ! but rather the question : is this now a photo or CG ?. When we reach this point, our work in the last 12- 13 months are succesfull. So we made a screenshot of our development, you can see it here :slight_smile:


Best wishes to you from Amsterdam

Looks nice. I know you are trying to show off the actual grass but I’d like to see it in a large scene.

The grass looks good, would like to see some wires of the individual models.
The ground instead it’s not believable as the grass to me, mostly becouse of the low resolution/blurry texture and the mesh. Seems like you used 3d scan?

Hi mik1190 :slight_smile: for this test scene we used a 3d Photoscan ground texture. We also used a normal flat texture (wood ground) but the finish looks not so good. For this finish we used around 73 different grasses from our 800 plants and grasses. Very important for a such photorealism scene is : use less or no glossy shading !! and use less transpanrancy. Both of this shader nodes give such a scene not a realistic look. Glossy plants - ok ! but in the real nature real super glossy blades are very rarely. We made over 1200 reference photos from ober 700 meadows here in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France and try to give as possible a realistic look :slight_smile: photos will follow…

scanned ground texture from a wood

Good job, looks very photo realistic, how fast does it render , does it take a lot of memory?
I would personally increase the the translucency just a little bit.

I personally like it when an image looks hyper realistic, but i can see the use of your grass pack.

hi :slight_smile: thx a lot…ok - this is only a small selection from out plants/weeds and grasses. This scene takes around with 1.000 samples 30 minutes for rendering. In this case the memory (with the ground) is around 600MB, without the 3D ground its 300MB

Honestly thought this was a bad joke to lure trollers. Very impressive work!