Photorealism with own textures.

CG-Hi guys,

So, Lately, I’m busy with a free texture pack. It’s in a really early state. But I wanted to make art with the textures (and maps) I Created. So I came up with an idea and started working on this:

All the wood shaders are created by myself.

Anyways, It’s clearly not their jet. But I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. I used sss for the food. And overlays for the bottles. The bread doesn’t really blend in the picture I think

I really trying to achieve photorealism with textures that I created myself, so I can promote them a little bit. the texture pack most likely gonna be free.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Just for the thumbnail:


is that a loaf of bread ?
if so what type is it supposed to be ?
a hard crust sourdough would go with ether a red or white

the old weathered wood looks a bit to cyan

It’s a bread, I think that’s the problem too.
I used the texture from poliigon. So I don’t think I am allowed to post it right here.

I’m gonna give it another shot tomorrow.

Also, I’m really bad at postproduction. Original:

For me looks good, a little strange the scales, but I do not know the true scale of these elements (only the apple) so I could not say that it is wrong. My advise, do not use lens distortion filter if you look for photorealism. Some bloom, glow, Dof may be fine.
I really like the grille cloth (I do not know if that’s the correct term in English)

The cloth is amazing! And well the only thing you can improve is the bread, there was a tutorial on YouTube from cgcookie a while ago that showed how to do the sandwich bread (as in not hard crust)

Amazing, thank you guys. I was looking for that piece of advice.
I’m also gonna try to fill the crate with more bottles and cans.

I’ve gone ahead.
And this is a little test render I did. Some things need texturing.

Looking good! Love the brush! Can’t wait to see it all rendered! Also nice modeling!

The textures look neat but the perspective looks almost isometric. Maybe try a smaller lens?

I’ve done some post processing for you.
Hpoe you’ll like it

Post-processed it for you;)

the boars hair brush should have the bristles covered by the turpentine

as in the bristles in the jar with enough turpentine to cover them

I honest don’t know how to do that properly. I geuss using a grunze/overlay map into a glossy shader mixed with the shader i used now?

I will give it a try.

So the render Changed completely:

I’m really struggling to find a realistic lighting setup.

Also, What is a good Ambient occlusion value? Or is 0 PBR?

Please let me hear your thoughts, cause I want to make this as photorealistic is it can be.