Photorealisme contest

Hey all on blenderartist
I working on a scen to the realism-contest on blenderguru.
I try to get a french/swedich contry-stile.
Wath do you think. I think i missing somthing. i have a plan about you can se a women in the mirror looking out the window. But what else. Do it look realistic? :slight_smile:

Please look the picture in full size

Off the top of my head I immediately noticed the wood beams, the way the interact with the walls don’t seem realistic there should be an angled wedge supporting them. Also add some normal mapping to them. The floors look awesome!

Not really th erealism. but the lamp on the desk looks a little out of place. Everything in the image is aged except the lamp. Of course that might be what you wanted. I agree with the wood beams comment. Also, maybe put a little dirt on the wall. It almost seems too clean. Awesome job!

Its great work!! but I do have a few criteiques
1 the wall is to clean. the floor table and every thing else is worn but not the walls also try making the wall texture less uniform.
2 the letters on the board seam too bold try toning it down or even making the black around them less pronounced.
3 for some reason the roses seam too rigid try making a few of there stems bend and there color less pronounced
I hope this helps!
Good Job!! :smiley:

Thanks for you critic :slight_smile:
I agree about the wall is to clean. And as UKNOWHO says there is somthing wrong how the beam interact with the walls. I will come with an update later.

That shabby chic texture on the floor, chair, and desk are phenomenal! I would suggest a few subtle tweeks. Some slight depth of field. For a normal camera I know interiors are usually shot with an fstop between 16 and18. And then in the composite a very subtle vignette. Because all of the white makes it so your eyes don’t have anywhere to rest. Best of luck to you, as I am also entering Andrew’s competition. (See the bathroom I posted)

Like previous posters, I really like the floor and furniture texturing. It looks really natural. Great job.

Just to elaborate on one of the earlier comments about the beams interacting with the walls, as well as perhaps adding a supporting wedge, the lines where they meet are currently really straight and neat - perhaps as the beams look quite worn the edges might be a bit less even where they touch the wall.

Really nice picture overall. Good luck with the competition.

Thanks NickWoelk and IanA. An goog luck to you Nick about the competition.
Here is an update. . Hope it is litle better than before. Especially the woodbeams. Also added other smal ajustments.
Only a test (300 samples)

The scene look great, but i think you should add some dirt in the corner between the wall and the ceiling, you know those place is hard to clean and tend to get darker over time, i check the wall at my place and found it darker than the rest of the wall. Also the floor is old but for some reason there is no scratch left by the table and the chair being dragged along, the table and the chair would move a lot as people interact with them and scratches on the floor paint is unavoidable.

Thanks Ssendam.
New update.
Addet anoter texure on the wall and some other stuf.

After the second texture update, the only thing I see is missing is dust and old peices of fallen-of paint on the floor to get it to look old

Great job, if you want to improve it even more, I would look at the solid black gaps between the floor boards.
The flowers are too neat and straight and finally the image in the mirror looks to crisp.
But it’s close to perfect

Damm! This a piece of art dude! thumbs up. No crit from me.