Photorealistic Classic Chair.

I am on holiday at a relatives house and they have a certain chair that I have found particularly interesting and thought it would be a good exercise in modelling texturing and rendering, so far I have modelled every aspect of the chair this morning, but I have become very stuck with how to go about doing the embroidery which is the transition between the wood and fabric. I have tried taking a slice out of the cushion, modelling the fabric shrinkwrap modifier, and using curves to trace the shape i need. but no luck.
Another issue is how would I create a shader for felt in luxrender. it is a very tricky material, does anyone have any tips?

In the final attached image you can see the chair in question a close up (Sorry taken with my phone) of the embroidery and a bad attempt at a felt shader.


So how about something like this (very rough I know). I used an array modifier and a curve modifier to duplicate a bezier curve and make it follow a path. It’d be very easy to place and position this way since you’d just adjust the controlling curve and everything else would follow.


fabric.blend (432 KB)

Wow, This Is perfect. I cannot thank you enough! I am going to bed, quite late here, but I will check out the blend in the morning! I see you even copied the weave.:heart:
Now all that is left is to UV Unwrap the chair to stop stretching, Create a nice shader for the felt and set up the lighting for the scene !
Thanks once again!

We are anxiously awaiting the Gallery entry!