Photorealistic classic furniture

Hi everyone

this is a professional collection that we are preparing to commercialize soon
we are looking for some feedback for the pricing, from there please:

see sample video:

update of 10-26-2009
here’s a link to the first mini collection

this one is rendered on luxrender


The quality is excellent, why don’t you do a comparison with similar assets for sale on Turbosquid and similar sites.


I’ve already seen (and commented) on your chair video. The quality of all the renders is excellent, congrats! :slight_smile:

I think this belongs in the gallery

Thank you all, for the nice comments,

we are on the process of adding the final touch, reviewing and cleaning the scene files. before publishing them to a market place,

there’s about 40 models fully textured, optimized for yafaray / luxrender

the studio setup / render settings, are included in all objects, you will obtain the same renders as shown in the previews,

we have decided to sell them in 3 ways

1- individual objects that includes:
blend file + textures
an OBJ version (tested and certified with 3ds max)
an HD Quality render previews

2-mini collection packages :
containing few objects that works well together like those I used for the interior render

3-the complete collection :
with all the furniture objects + decorative objects like books on the shelves, artifacts, electronic devices and so on…(see the interior render above to get an idea)

the suggested prices are:
the individual objects will be sold for a price between 20$ - 70$
the mini collections will be sold for 150$
the complete collection (40 Objects) for 300$

Now I’m looking for the best marketplaces to publish them, and most importantly how many of you are interested in purchasing ? what do you think ?,

I will really appreciate any suggestion / idea,



I would take the number of hours you spent to create them, divide by 2, then multiply by an internal unburdened hourly labor rate (figure something like $20 per hour) to get the price you should charge. Tell em how long it took to model and texture. That way, customer can figure, hm, if I pay my guy to model it, it will cost me twice as much…and yours is a good deal.

You want to advertise in architecture and interior design magazines. Not here-everyone here is a Blender twiddler - you want to get to architects and interior designers.

Very good work ! :wink:

Beautiful work. :yes:
(I’ve really got to figure out how to get yafaray to work…)

Nice model.
To have an idea of the prices > evermotion

Excellent work, very detailed

Looks real to me, wonderful work.

it all looks good, but that flag in the interior scene looks unrealistic.

Really nice work!

I would sell them for $25 each or $500 for the set.

I think turbosquid is a great marketplace but it is jam packed, I don’t think many people on this forum will purchase, we all want something for nothing! :wink:

Looks great, really amazing work… except the flag, the flag and the poll just don’t work, the flag has a plastic look and there is no visible way that the flag is attached to the pole, the only way one could think that it is attached is if it were glued to the pole, other than that, everything looks awesome.

Good work.

well done, great detail

wow that photoreal, if you placed some of those renders next to photos of real furniture I wouldn’t be able to tell which is which

Wow! These pieces are absolutely amazing, and that’s coming from a guy who worked for years in a high-end designer furniture showroom. Especially the more traditional pieces, the wood textures and design are spot-on. I feel as if I was looking at pages from a real catalog. I am incredibly impressed.
These pieces would have to go for top-dollar. As a total noob, I don’t kow what that would be, but I’d sya they’d be worth every penny of the higher end of pricing.

this is totally amazing
how did u get the texture ?

It looks awesome!! It could be a picture if you wouldn’t know it’s made using blender… And therefor it’s really super duper excellent! Great job!

thank you all for the kind comments;

we have photographed the furniture from every angle, and did some perspective and color correction in photoshop.

we are now working on the final renders, I’ll post them as soon as possible