Photorealistic Cockpit

whoopsi :slight_smile:

Even more textured cubes!:wink:

Quiet in here…:eek:

lookin pretty sweet so far! :slight_smile:

Search Mayang texture library. Free textures there. I know you want that rusty old beat down look, but try to go just a little less dirty, and it should look a little more photo realistic. At least scale down the rust and noise, and keep the oversampling up. Great job so far though, looks cool.

This is old work

On each console to the left and right of the center console, there are some obvious UV issues on the bottom you may want to revisit. Sometimes such things can blend into the texture, yours however is more difficult as you have straight lines that easily register any problems.

This is old work

heh, yup! that’ll do it :slight_smile:

Nice project,you made a lot of progress

Keep Doing :wink: