Photorealistic fluid simulation Problem

Hello,I am trying to recreate a scene from a photograph. It has a water falling down inside the wool and I seem to struggle with downsizing the inflow object. Whenever I scale down the inflow cube, the fluid simulation simply does not work. How can I work it out? ThanksPics and blend file with fluid cache are attached

A couple of comments.

  • Before you bake anything ensure for all objects you have applied and scale or rotation (Ctrl+A in object mode)
  • Make the domain cube only as big as you need. Anything bigger is a waste of your resolution.
  • Increase your fluid resolution. 140 is very low for anything worth looking at. If you’re not using the preview for any reason reduce its resolution and set the viewport display to final

Thank you for your comment. I will try to follow the methods you mentioned and post here the result.