Photorealistic Food

I am looking to making my render more photorealistic. I feel like it is realistic but sometimes it feels like it does not sell out entirely. any improvements I can bring about?
heres my final render o @ 1024 samples with denoising

Setup and Viewport renders


I’m not in any position to give advice because I’m a beginner but from what I can see, I think the berries are lacking detail. They look very smooth when it reality, they have a lot of fuzz and damage. The cloth, fork and wood textures are amazing and it’s a beautiful render.

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I would suggest focusing a bit more on the materials, particularly in the crust. try some sub surface maybe and adding more interaction between elements if you’ve got some photo references they can really help identify those areas where things like the berries interact with the tart’s filling.
I would also suggest adjusting the scales of all of the elements particularly scaling up the wood as it looks to contain a lot more detail than the tart and that can make the tart look less realistic. Try modeling to scale if you can to help get the right ratios between objects.
It’s a great render though and it has some really strong elements like the fruit and cloth.
Best of luck!

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