Photorealistic Grass Mesh

(Bapsis) #1


Title sayz it all!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(basse) #2

but it’s not photorealistic.


(ectizen) #3

Umm… shouldn’t you invert the bump map for the veins?

basse: it might look photorealistic to Bapsis, depending on what he did with his modelling reference…

(S68) #4


cool, but needs some work to achieve photorealism…


(hannibar) #5

Not really photorealistic imo because there are to many sharp corners (and edges)

(Vidigiani) #6

Ouch… those eyes look REALLY sore… got Visine?

(Bapsis) #7

hmmm, well it wasnt REALLY supposed to be Photorealistic, i just had seen other topics with simmilar titles so i used a simmilar one to deceve you all into firstly thinking you would be seeing lawn grass. I guess i should have EXPLAINED the joke before i told it 'eh? I wasnt really going for photorealism, it only took me 20 mins to model and texture the leaf.
I guess i’ll think twice next time before trying to post a funny…sheesh!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #8

hahaha awesome! medicinal i belive?

(basse) #9

i got the idea in the first post. my comment, wasn’t supposed to be all that serious either. maybe i should’ve added that smiley… but I try not to overuse them. ruins the whole idea, most of the times. :slight_smile:
I once posted a picture with similar topic, but I also had the word “radiosity” in it… the picture itself, was a real mess… heh.

and, about your picture… now after the morning joint, it starts to be more and more photorealistic.


(Bapsis) #10

hehe, thanks :O)

Now that i read my second post there, i came off a bit jerkish, i had just woke up and didn’t get the praise and admiration i was looking for poor me, poor me lol!!! :wink:
So sorry if i sounded harsh, im really a timid kitten…most of the time!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!