Photorealistic Human this is not *UPDATE 2: Animation*

Update (Animation) on page 2

this is my first full character. and NO hes not supposed to be photorealistic. hes supposed to be cartoonish. %| if you cant tell.

i am gonna be rigging him up on monday, but i’m scared to start. my previous attempts at armatures have ended in misery, disaster, and despair (and eventually the trash). :x

well, here he be:

as always, c&c appreciated. :smiley:

Update (Animation) on page 2

I like him! I know what you mean about being scared to use armatures… The armature system is rather difficult to use well. I wish someone would write a really good tutorial on modeling for animation and how to get the best deformation…

Looks good tho


My god… It’s most realistic human ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naah, He looks great, but maybe rendering him with toon shaders for even more toon likenes?

But he really looks great, I do not see anything to complain with this.

Oh i almost forgot to give my 2 cents about armatures. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, rigginf characters and stuff, and I can say, that in the end the basics are not at all so difficult as they seem.

Fisrt thing to do, is that you go and fetch the Blender manual 2.0 (or what ever it is at the moment) and chek out the armature section. After that is just curinsg and sweating. :wink:

thanks for the comments guys.

i guess learning how to do the armatures stuff just takes patience… but unfortunately, i am known to be lacking in that particular virtue. :x

although, with this character, i was at the point of giving up quite a few times, and i went through with it and finished the modelling… so things might be improving for me :smiley:

Cool. He’s funny.

real cool. i don’t understand much of blender, but why is it that it’s so hard to build a person. dopesn’t it have a human modeler

Hey NateTG, he looks very cool !!

Now I want to see it animated :wink:
The secret with rigging and animating by armature : just be patient %|

I took a whole afternoon to rigg my woman and there are imperfections in some movements it’s a long job and i’m not very patient too… :frowning:
so you have to be determinated [!]
Your job is great and very funny, yeah ! So you very have to animate it :wink:

He looks good modeled enough for a good rigging !

So that’s all, keep blending up !
And when it will be finished, show us your great animation with this character !


is there anywhere where i can find a tut on rigging using this new lock track constraint in tuhopuu? because i heard it would be useful, but im not really sure how, or where to use it.

Well did the rigging… i may start over though… mad respect to theeth and torq for helpin me out with some tips

He awakens and explores his new world…

look great!

remind me of Geaorge Bush…lol don’t know why…good work!

Nice job. The armatures look pretty good actually. Why redo them?


Looks great. The pose seems very good and as far I can say, there is nothing wrong in your current armatures.

Throw us a small animation. :smiley:

working on that now. :-? animation is way harder than static poses… it reaveals all the problems wit the armature. :x


I cant rig worth crap. Your rigging looks fine. I think part of the thing that screws ME up is that I suck at modeling for animation… Lock track eh? I would like to learn how to use that too!


Actually the elbow, or rather the upper arm seems a bit strange, it looks as if the biceps was pointing upward instead to the direction of the arm, not sure though, I just feel like it. But I couldn’t do any useful rigging yet with blender, so… :slight_smile:

I figured out how you are suppoesd to lock track for this rigging stuff. :o i love it. its so perfect. oh man. :o now i have to do everything in tuhopuu tho…

or wait for 2.29


Also, regarding a proper example of Locked Track used in an armature. Well, I have that, but it was done for Hanibar’s film project (the Anaix demon), so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to show.


…yeah… i hope this two month thing isn’t gonna be a habit.

well, you could also wait for a “release” of tuhopuu2, since it’s based on the 2.28 code, it has all its advantages, and more.

PS: I added something to the above post after you replied.