Photorealistic in BGE? or something close to it...

hi, i wanted to know if i could get a photorealistic or an over closed to how looks let´s say call of duty black ops 2 or even bioshock or assasins creed? just for curiosity…

Yes you could but you have to create your own glsl shaders because the default Blender material is only a basic shader and it’s not going to look too impressive. Also you need some post processing 2d filters. Plus it has some bugs with image quality, texture filtering.

Theoretically yes but practically not happening much.

Using texture bake in cycles you can get really realistic looking graphics but if you don’t have a couple of million $$ to spend on artists you probably wont be able to create the assets for a game like that anyway. Creating photorealism is very expensive and time consuming.
Modern games are more expensive in production than hollywood movies.

1: Use photo realistic photos for mapping textures seamlessly,
applying normal maps and specular maps as well

2: Hi-resolution mesh baking to normals and a combination of diffuse and secular ramps.

3:Building an entire set of usable textures to base your realism off of and excel.