Photorealistic Kitchen Scene

Hey Guys,

I’ve been working with blender for about half a year now and this is my first shot at creating a photorealistic scene.

Feedback is appreciated

the clouds do not look realistic. try using a photo as a backdrop instead. that is pretty standard. also, the glass jar is too hazy looking, imo.

It’s not working.

  • The name, kitchen scene. It’s not obvious it’s a kitchen. Oranges might be there just to annoy prisoners who can see them through the bars

  • Composition.

  • Symmetry is obnoxious, it’s not guiding the viewers but rather squishes all items in the center through their eyesockets. It would work if it was a product style shot just about the oranges, framed to show just those and maybe the items beside them on the countertop.

  • Depth is lost and the viewer starts to look pointers of how far and how big things are. Shadows and focus suggest the background is further away and not connecting with the foreground, but how far? The viewer associates foreground jar or whatever that is to the ones in the background because of similar shape and concludes that the strange opening in the middle is about 2.5 oranges high. The height doesn’t actually matter, it’s thumbs down a split second after the viewer has to start figuring those out

  • Opening in the background steals the focus. Composition points to it and that’s the only interesting bit because it’s strange. The viewer will lose interest quickly though because it’s not apparent what that is and the items in the foreground aren’t interesting enough

  • Tile texture in the background is too low resolution. Shelves are higher detail, more saturated, and create a high contrast between the backing wall. Shelves don’t seem to cast a shadow so they look like they’re floating

You clearly want to show the oranges which are near perfect. The image would work better if it was a product/food style shot only about them but the shot would still need some interest point added.