Photorealistic Kitchen

So this here is a Kitchen I modeled with Blender 2.52 and then rendered with LuxRender. Id love your honest opinion and critique to make it better. I posted the picture to the site and the quality is absolutely horrible…but thats probably because I’m not doing it right. So here’s the link to the image.

Please click it so you can see it in better quality and accurately see the image. Thanks

“One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit for more information.”


Not sure how long you let Lux run but I think you should let it go a bit longer, a hand full of pixels in there yet that need further refinement. The kitchen itself is pretty nice, but the feel the overall scene gives me is that it’s part of a “big empty” room. That might be what you’re going for, I’m not sure, but I might give some clues as to what the rest of the room is. Stated differently, the left side of the picture has lots to look at but the right (sorta front) leaves me vacant. My only other comment is there are good details except the front of the stove, and since it’s in the middle it sticks out some.

I realize it’s a work in progress so some of that may be coming, but as I value feedback, I want to provide it also. It’s a good start and I look forward to seeing your progress.

I really want to live there.

The window does not appear to have any depth. This makes it look like a big mural.

The cabinets are too deep. They appear to be almost as deep as the countertops–not a very practical work environment.

Put some objects on the countertops. Add some under-cabinet lights.

Thanks for the tips so far im gonna be writing it all down then going in and doing the revisions. So heres the list so far.

-Window depth
-Too Deep Cabinets
-Under-Cabinet Lighting
-Possible Camera Angle Change to Hide emptiness on Left Side
-More Objects on Countertops
-Let Lux Render Longer

Anything else?

Yes. The picture of the window shows the shadows to the right of the mountains, that does not match with the light coming through the window (you could solve this with a horizontal mirror of the picture).
Some lights are burning the roof, you could try first with an unique light from the sun before adding more lights.