Photorealistic lighting Tutorial?

Hi guys, is there anyway i can find tutorials on how to create photorealistic lighting without the use of yafray?

thanks for the help :smiley:


Some time ago I wrote simple tutorial about GI dome, but unfortunately it’s in polish :frowning:
But there is a lot of images and maybe you should look at this tutorial?

I thought I could save the save and find a online translation service for Polish to English, but gollly jeepers!! - I can’t find a single one.

I think I get the jist of it and I’m sure there might be another one floating around the forum somewhere…

If it’s called “GI Dome” Then maybe a good search might help.

there’s no such thing like photorealistic lighting…
each way for a lighting is different from the other, and could possibly yield so-called photorealistic results…

for outdoor lighting, AO + area lights can help

for indoor (supermarket-like lighting), Area Light + radiosity can help

for indoor (large windows), radiosity can help (with or without area light)

for indoor (candle-like lighting), a single Lamp can be sufficient

these are only very rough guidelines, each one has its prefered method.

tutorial about: Ambient occlusion
tutorial about: Area light

most of the time, I always use AO, even with very low energy values…

just some hints…

olivS is correct. Realistic lighting techniques vary based on the scene to be portrayed. You are best off studying lighting in general. There are some very good tutorials out there; try CGTalk for more specific info.

thank you for the input and help! I will do just that. and look at those tutorials as well.