Photorealistic man Texturing WIP

This is the Mesh that I posted earlier and got no views. I might as well put ‘free porn’ in the title just to get some views so i can get SOME feedback.
I will tweak the lips in a bit


Done In Photoshop, Took along time, got the trickiest areas out the way like the face and most of the body, I probably will do a multilayer SSS render soon. Maps in open gl preview render, bump and difffuse.

Good start so far but I’m sorry to say that it’s not photorealistic yet.
I think you should work even harder on your mesh before trying to texture it.

Keep up the good work.

Image is tiny, but looks like skin !
Only texturing, or also some hair, fur ?

Sorry that image size was not expected

one ugly old fuck

Realistic texture and skin, can improve …