Photorealistic Ocean W.I.P.

Hello! I’m working on an ocean scene, but it’s not exaclty photorealistic. How can I make it more realistic? Here are the pics:

So, what do you think? My ultamate goal is something like this YouTube video. Any advice, tips, links, tutorials, ect. is appreciated! Thanks in advance! : )

Is this for a game or for an animation? I ask because those look like renders to me, and not game engine screenshots. If this is a WIP render/animation, I can move the thread to the appropriate board for you.

Edit: Okay. I’ve moved it to Artwork Works in Progress.

This is an animation that will be rendered, far from realtime. The render time was about 55 seconds each, at 800*600 pixel resolution. I also just noticed that the 3rd one down looks a bit different from the others. That’s becuase of the frensel effect. I’ll have to fix that. And yes, it is the same ocean as in the other five renders. I would appreciate it if you moved my thread to the right board, blendenzo, becuase I just noticed that I posted it in the wrong place! I meant to post it the artwork WIP, not the game engine WIP. LOL

Whoops, wrong forum. Looks nice, though :wink:

Thanks tb1alexc!
“Location: Mars, it’s a cool planet” LOL has a nice tuturial that should lead you in the right direction.

Thanks ndsguyxtreme, but that’s not really what I want my sea/ocean to look like. I’m looking for something like this picture or the YouTube vid at the bottom of the thread starter. Also, I usually have problems with displacement mapping, and it seems to frequently displace in all three axis. Here’s a pic:

And here’s the blend: Jet Plane 3.blend (417 KB)

Anyone want to help me?

You might want to turn down the reflectivity of the ocean down a bit, oceans are usually a lot darker than that too. Set up a few layer of underwater refractions etc etc. I’m not expert but from what I see those are a few things that you could work on.

If you haven’t done Cog’s ocean tutorial, I strongly recommend it. Once you understand the methods he’s using you can pick and choose specific elements to reproduce the look you want. I could produce an ocean image like the video you refer to just from understanding that tutorial.

I’ll try both of your suggestions! Thanks!

I find that I have to render with Radiosity highlighted, or I get the same over-displaced effect. Try fiddling with the normal value on the displacement texture, as that seems to effect the overall displacement value.