Photorealistic (ok maybe just real looking)

(Idgas) #1

Its close but not there yet. I need help. I am going to add a kitchen window and the table. Other then that what is missing. It doesn’t look quite right yet.??? HELP!!!

(SGT Squeaks) #2

The apples and the bowl look good. But something about the orange. I don’t know why but something about it doesn’t look right. ok, maybe that wasn’t very helpful.

(Idgas) #3

yea i know the orange looks more like a, like a, uummm, yea. Well im working on that one.

(olaf) #4

Looks good, nice done.

For the Orange try that:

you’ve used stucci texture for the bumps right? So push the hard and spec
buttons in that texturechannel on too, then it looks more polished (don’t know
if that’s the right word for what i’m meaning…).

The Apples:
Try to give them some color variations with the colorband.

HTH, keep on your good works.

(Alltaken) #5

also for the orange try for the bumpmap

changing the nor to 5.00 rather than the default 0.5 to give it way more bump
or somewhere inbetween.

perhaps overlay a few bumpmap textures like clouds stucci and some more clouds of a diffrent size.

oranges have lots of texture

love the rest.

(S68) #6

And use procedural stucci with the ‘Wall In’ option… it makes bumps which are more realistic for an orange skin.

And use ‘Global’ and play with x-y-z scaling. those bumps are on a too large scale