Photorealistic One Man Space Pod...

hey, I posted this at BlenderWars, but I figured you guys could help better, so I could use some help. I’ve got a finished model, and i plan on animating it for a project at school. It isn’t fully textured yet, but ive already done a test pic, and i want to know how to make this model look photorealistic. (cause its gonna be on a movie theater screen next year!)(oh yea, its a fan film for 2001: A Space Odyssey) The pod is supposed to loosely resemble the pod from that movie, but i wanted to design it myself. Thanx C & C completely welcome

Here It Is, sorry bout the small size


Whoa! Looks terrific! But the people wants bigger shot :smiley:

try rendering in Yafray

look at these images

Yafray Images


whoa!, those are awesome! thanx to you others for the tips. What do you think is better, using Yafray internal, with Blender, or external. I read somewhere that it can be used both way, but i dont know which wouls be better

Internal with Yafray is better, because it’s easier than external.