Photorealistic Parking Lot

…At least I tried. C&C please :slight_smile:

*Created in Blender, Rendered with Blender Internal, minor postprocessing.


Nice :slight_smile: Looks pretty photoreal to me.

One more render :stuck_out_tongue: Tell me what you think.


And one more…


it is really nice.
i don’t know why but if made me think of the gam driver. I think it was in the fist one.

it is pretty realistic just the ground looks really wet. is it on purpos?

The dimensions look wrong.

  1. the bump map on the road is too big, It should be much much smaller (at least 10x or more)

  2. The paint line for the parking lines is also way too thick.

3)Decrease the specularity a bit though

So far its not bad at all.

It’s not photorealistic, but very little ever is. It does look good, though the scale is wrong as previously pointed out. Is that soapy water on the ground?

Thanks for the critics, I’ve noticed that the lines seems to thick but foolishly post the image anyways and thought i could get away with it. :expressionless:

I did reduce the size of the line somewhat (still too thick, but I’ll have to manually paint the texture again) and decrease the spec. and reflectivity of the ground.

Updated version coming soon

Very nice atmosphere. I really like the wetness of it all. You can hear the drops falling somewhere in the background ambience. Nice sense of emptiness.

Now all it needs is a blood stain and a purse riped in two. :wink:



A little small there.

oops, i accidentally rendered it w/ 25% instead of 50.

…why not 100?

I’ve been rendering THIS in teh background for ages now, and i didn’t want to spend 15minutes on a test render.


I think you should bevel those colums a bit: they have pretty sharp edges for a concrete structure.

Looking good. Aren’t the numbers on the columns supposed to indicate different areas so you know where you are parked. These all have a #2 on them.

I’d guess that’s the #2 area of the garage, then.

You gonna fix the size of the latest renders?

Great job on lighting and texturing…but

The edges look too sharp on everything.

Ok i beveled the edges and now they look so much better!

I would also take a few chunks out of the columns - like as if they got bumped or crashed into.
Looks good though. Interesting to see the pepsi can animation too…