Photorealistic Rendering Using Cycles in Blender @

So at I’ve come across a tutorial about Photorealistic rendering using Cycles in Blender.

It’s only an hour and a half long but I was like WTF is this.

It must be a joke ! Some of the free tutorials on youtube are better than this ! I don’t want to sound absurd but this doesn’t do justice to Blender at all !

In your honest opinion what looks photorealistic in that image ?

They should not call this photo realistic rendering with Cycles but “Introduction into Rendering with Cycles”.

This is more an intro lecture than a detailed lecture. Also I think intermediate is wrong it should be beginners because for that the provided visual examples and finale room rendering is extremely poor.

However it is well made the speakers voice is quite good.

It is a marketing strategy and yes is a lie!

well yes if the photorealistic render they are trying to achieve is that room is just an introduction, and not really photorealistic…