Photorealistic Rendering

rendered in blender internal.
the doll is base from a download model.
try to render the scene photorealistic.

v3 update again:D


I like it. It reminds me of the little tree people from princess Mononoke.

As for it being photorealistic… I think it’s close. I’d have to see it without the prior knowledge of its CG-ness to objectively assess that. Either way, though, the texture is exquisite.

I would agree that it looks fairly close to photorealism.

You need reflected lights from floor on model. This is highly enlighted scene, and there should be a little reflected lights from bottom.
Try just a little less blur on background.

I do not see why he would need reflection on the model, considering the material type being used.

Pure dark shadows are rare, because of reflected lights. I’m still suggest to add a “tiny drop” of reflected light from floor.

I agree with kekeljevic. Try to consider the bouncing of light off the wall and floor onto the model. It looks really good.

*kekeljevic, great image to illustrate your point!

I’m a gooooooooooogling adict… :eek:

In my opinion, it looks like Daxter from Jak and Daxter. Cool I like it!


an update.

how do we do blur?

To me this render /uploads/default/original/3X/5/0/504b1518d0de8d7afcc981c0ae95a842294b0669.jpgd=1224336427
is the one I feel is somewhat Photo-realistic!
Say, try kekeljevic suggestion i think that will come up with something. What you think?! :confused:

:Dthanks ~
that’s really a good suggestion.
about the dark black area.if you look the renderer as a camera,I bet you won’t say that.
there is a picture from camera (the author is HarryLewis)

look at the sharp shadow:eek:
in fact the elephant is the overexposed area in strong sunlight and the black area looks not so dark .
smaller the aperture size will got the balence,but the shadow area become black.
kekeljevic is correct,but the black shadow is reasonable if you look the renderer as a camera.

this page will give you the answer.