Photorealistic Robot {Update, 05 July, Texturing}


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Ok, I’ve begun this project which I hope will come as close to photorealistic as I can accomplish. Making a sketch before hand really does help!

This is the lower leg/foot area of the robot mech like thing.


Ve: 25548
Fa: 27162
Ob: 113

This is my highest detailed m0del so far.

C&C highly appreciated.

Right now its looking kindof like a mech foot, what the overall gonna look like?(great start by the way)

Well, I don’t quite have an answer to your question because I only sketched out the foot area. It was about midnight last night and I was falling asleep.

Thanks for the comment man. This high poly work is hard! Of course, when I say that people like S68 laugh because they work with millions of verts all the time lol!

i know how you feel im about 50% done with my current robot project and im just about of ideas, and im only at 150k verts. but u already got over a hundred objects, GL animating :slight_smile:

LOL, rigging it would be harder than m0deling it… Well maybe.

I think it might do better with pads of some sort, or at least something that would help distribute it’s weight on the ground.

In the real world it would probably sink into the ground.

just a little thing. Nice modeling so far.

Ok, I have an update!

Thanks for the C&C guys.

I’ve added the upper leg now. Man this is fun, and somewhat challenging. The hard part is still to come.


Another update lol!

Ve: 60312
Fa: 64612
Ob: 363


are u gonna have it waling up de stairs? i like it very good

I think you should make the bottom parts a bit bigger. I am having hard time figuring out how they would be strong enough to carry what I already see. I mean… you’re going for realism, heh

Great detailing, good job!


the center dish should touch the ground. the 4 thin toes are only for keeping balance. they could NEVER take the load.

otherwise very nice !!

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Yeah, the feet definately need some work. The stair like object there is for AO effects only.

Mr_rob can i get the blend file of just one leg pls. I have a great idea of using that leg for a spider bot.

If you m0del one yourself, you’ll learn a lot and be able to claim credit for it too. It was actually pretty simple (sorta) to make. It’s taken me a long time to get to this level of skill.

If I let you use the mesh, you wouldn’t learn as fast as if you at least tried on your own.

I haven’t done any work on it today, but once I do I’ll post an update. I’m still deciding how to m0del the head…

Awesome model, mr_rob. This would be ultra wicked if it was textured (though that would probably take a long time lol :)). I agree with the comment about the feet–those toes don’t look like they could support the weight of the mech.

Also, it might help the mech to be able to bend laterally at the hips. Unless you’re going for a retro robot style that can only move its limbs forwards and backwards.

Who cares. How he decides to learn blender is his business. If you don’t want to give him the model then just say so :P.


Well, yeah, I want him to learn and I don’t wanna give the m0del sorry man.

I’m working on the feet lol.

Texturing it IS in my plans, but it is going to be hard lol. Texturing the small parts shouldnt be that hard since theres 300 odd objects composing the mech.

Ok, I got an update!

YAY! I finally did some work on the mech again! I’m pretty much done with the m0del itself, and I’ve begun work on the textures.

C&C Highly Appreciated.


Please gimme some feedback guys. Is it horrible? Is it good? Is it in-between?

It’s too cubic for my tastes, kind of reminds me of the walkers from StarWars.