PhotoRealistic ScottishPig's boat - WIP

(jorx) #1

Here’s a link to project of mine. Earlier ScottishPig posted another boat of his, and I decided to give it a hand with surroundings. So this is what I got so far.
Modeling- ScottishPig Rendering and surroundings- Me (Jorx)
Not much yet, I hope to make the water more realistic and give the boat better textures.
And that was a render WITHOUT shadows! I have a ton of shadow lamps, but it takes too long to render with them, so for this test render I didn’t have them on.
What do you think?

(Goo) #2

The water needs a lot more work. The ripples look terribly strange around the boat. How did you make them? They almost look hexagonal. I think the water should be a bit darker, and I think it looks like the boat is riding rather low in the water. The reflections nice, and I do agree that the boat needs more texturing, especially on the sails and the flag. Your DoF looks fine to me.


(jorx) #3

Ok, I’m working on the water right now. If I just can’t get it to look good I might have to use Ter2Blend. But right now I’m trying to make it all in blender.

(snailrose) #4

more chaotic with the waves… and a darker over tone to it
you could add more character by an on comming storm…
stuff to tell a story even if don’t do much more to it … it would be nice to
see a interesting plot unfold before our eyes…

keep up the good work


(Nayman) #5

best way to do water, is apply a cloud texture to a plane, hit the nor button, make sure the cloud is very small bunmps, and then turn off the col slider, tint it blue, make it slightly transparent by hitting ztransparent and turning down alpha a bit… add an envmap… done!

(schock) #6

This image has a long way to go before it is going to look photorealistic. The boat needs alot more texture work and detail. Those sails don’t look like they have any texutres applied to them. And that water, well ya, you better try the terragan script or fix your bump mapping.

(S68) #7

Mmmm, well

Hull and decks are rather undetailed.

Water is good at the horizon, but is funny in front of the ship

DoF is really puzzling. From where the camera is it would be
logical to think that top mast is nearer to camera than hull but farther than bow, while stern is furthest.

Nevertheless bow and stern are in focus and top mast is very blurred…


(jorx) #8

I realize this’ll take alot more work before being photo-realistic. I don’t think I’ll manage to get it to look photo-realistic, but I should at least get it to look a little cooler.

(ScottishPig) #9

I really appreciate your using my old model. Actually, that was my first ship (other pics still available from my site)… but, you set the hull really low in the water.

(ScottishPig) #10

Jorx: Your water is, I think, a bit better than mine, however, I said before: you set the hull a little low in the water. (Or at least, it looks as such)

Here are some of MY pics of that ship (Made: August 2001)