I’ve doing some work in Blender that looks “pretty good”. How do I make the leap to “wow! I thought that was a real picture”. Some of the stuff u guys (and gals) do is incredible. give us newbies some inside tips…



Trying to imitate Macke’s voice


first of all il looks like you should concentrate more on texturing. To achieve a further step to photoreality you should use more texture layers, of which some bump maps. Everithing should have some pumps, except mirror-like surfaces and even then a low ‘Value’ large period stucci bump does great things.

Then reality is ->dirty<- and ->imperfect<- you have scratches and dirt and dust.

Then sharp, straight edges are an exception.

Then Rea light bounces around (and in Blender it does not)

Lastly, in reality there are reflections (in blender, sadly, there aren’t)

I would start, for your example, with rounding off or at least bevel somehow all the edges of the piece of furniture holding the stereo.

Use less saturated colours for most things (except, possibly, the logo)

Add a fake (or real!) EnvMap to those objects which should be at least a little reflective.

Tune better your illumination, maybe some lamps faking a diffused illumination from the walls?

Keep blending


Wow. Thanks for the help. I didn’t expect so many specific tips. It’s great to get more than “Cool Pic”. (not that I don’t like hearing that as much as possible).