Photos can't be attached to posts in Blender General Forum

Hi. I’ve noticed that you can’t attach an image to a post in the Blender general forum. I think it would be good if you could attach photos for a couple reasons:

  1. Users who are having problems can easily upload an image to show what their problem is.

  2. Users who are trying to help with a problem can post a picture to help illustrate what they’re talking about.

Just a thought.:slight_smile:


edit Sorry, I never saw that post.

Timothy said before:

We’ve initially only allowed images to be attached on the artwork forums. This to see how big an impact it would have on the forum.

Right now we’ve switched to the new server and we’ll probably evaluate the image attachments sometime near the end of the year. It does look like we’ll be adding image attachment support to other forums. I agree that it could be very usefull in the support forums.