Photos Wrapped Inside of a Ring

So I am totally new to Blender. I’m still learning how to rotate the view point…

In any case the goal is to create a series of frames for an interactive web site effect in javascript.

The camera is in the enter of a ring. On the inside face of the ring are a series of 5 to 9 photos that should be around 200-330px on the web page.

The animation is the photos moving around the ring from left to right. In front of the camera. I only really care about 180 degrees of the inside of the ring.

I have figured out the animation. Everything is great there…But i am killing myself tying to figure out how to unwrap the circle and map the images into the inside of it.

I am sure I am missing some very basic things but after a crash course in blender today my brain is fried.

The tutorials talk about putting images on the out side of models. How do I put them on the inside of a ring?

It appears there are some scaling issues. The exported unwrap files I am generating are much smaller then the 200px I am trying to get. But when I do a basic Animation the resulting rendered frames appear to be about the right size.

So I am not looking for too much hand holding, but to be pointed to examples/tutorials addressing this. Also maybe my terminology is all wrong.

Can you add the images as a separated planes with “import images as planes” plugin

There may be some other and easier way to do that.

Very interesting…so my stupid question is…is there an way to take a plane and make it into a ring? Or half a ring?

This should be pretty simple - hope this works for you. The steps are based on 2.56 default layout, should be similar for 2.49 if that’s what you’re using and will work in either version.

Create a grid mesh (add menu>>mesh>>grid). Size it as needed for your view.
In the object window (on right) select the material window. Add a new material.
Select the texture window (icon to right of material button). Add a new texture.
Set “Image or Movie” as type. In the image section click “Open” and select your image.
Open the “UV Image Editor” window.
With the item selected in 3D View, tab/set edit mode.
In the UV Edit window click on the “image icon” next to “new” and select the texture you added.

In 2.56 meshes default to double sided so it won’t matter which side you view.

Rotate the mesh so it is “vertical” or you can change your camera position for a top-down view.

You can repeat this for each image and place them side-by-side.

Now, to make the circle.

Select all of your meshes, and “join” them (ctrl-j).
Return to edit mode.
Set your view to front ortho or top ortho (depending on your mesh orientation) so you see the “side edges”.
Place the 3D cursor over the “middle” of the group and approximately half the total width above.
Use “shift-w” to enable warp. Move your mouse to curve the meshes. LMB to confirm. You can tweak the “angle” to fine tune the circle setting.

Now you have a ring with images.

you could also UV unwrap and layout your pictures!

happy 2.5