I stumbled onto this website that will be offering Photosculpt later this year. No indication as to price, yet. Looks interesting though.

Steve S

Hi Steve,

I “stumbled” onto your page too :). I’m the dev of this software and a long time blender user too! I’m new to the Blender forums though.

I have to mention that the 30 Day Trial Demo of PhotoSculpt Textures has been released today! :smiley:

see www.photosculpt.netfor more? (you’ll see the price info too)


PhotoSculpt v1.0 now available for purchase :smiley: (at EUR 99.00)
see for more info!

PhotoSculpt Textures now being reviewed by Ed Ricketts, click for more! :smiley:

Page stretcher. Just had to get a dev.


Hot news: Some FREE Materials are available on the web site (created with Blender)

A sample .blend file is also available :eyebrowlift:, (following previous link).

Seriously, calm down.

My images are somewhat big :o is there a way to reduce them in this Forum?

Oh, by the way I’ve textured my Suzanne with my stone material here:
The corresponding blender file is here

Inclusive a very good stone shader.

This is mainly for extracting textures from photos, right? Not for creating complete models? Still, it looks pretty cool!


Quote: "PhotoSculpt Textures is a software that creates 3D models AND 3D textures from just two photos of the same subject." :cool:

Usually to get more than one side of your object you need to repeat the process a few times. (e.g. house facades.) :yes:

Have you tried the stone shader? The blender file is included. It’s really good :eyebrowlift::p.
FYI It takes only 10 minutes to create one, it’s easy. You can create your own shader for Blender today!

Also, there is a Pack of 10 FREE 3D materials with all correspondings texture maps (normal, diffuse, displace, specular and occlusion) on the web site.