Photoshop alternative ORMR a New Non-Destructive, Procedural Graphics Editor

Hi all,

this Photoshop alternative seems really promising , can load photoshop brushes and has a non destructive workflow.

VERY COOL. Thanks for sharing!

Looks nice, i might sign up and try it out for the first year. I mean 25$ isnt that much, and I would like to spend that to get a nice alternative to GIMP… 50$ per year isnt that bad either, if it gets the job done in a efficient way.

I like the idea behind this app., though I do wonder how it currently compared to Photoline (one of the more established Photoshop alternatives).

Hehe at all of the GIMP’s X’s on the comparison page though (perhaps if new developers didn’t have to break through so much software ideology they would have a much better standing).

“No Accidental Bi-Monthly Openings of the Bridge”


EDIT: So if you buy now, you`ll get lifetime updates for free. Coool, I will test.

Yeah I just noticed that as well. Think I’ll jump in and see if as good as they try to convince me that it is :slight_smile: 25$ is an ok price to lose if it sucks, compared to a lifetime of free upgrades to an awesome program…

After fiddling around some 10 minutes it seems like a decent PS alternative. The only problem that I noticed - it cant handle large resolutions - on A4, 300dpi its really slow and on A3, 300dpi it crashed while using the default brush.

windows 8.1 smart screen filter stopped it from running.
guess it doesnt have that over adobe.

I’ve had this issue with a lot of image editors. GIMP is utterly useless in its current form, at least on my hardware.

While I have not used GIMP for digital painting, I have no problems with the latest Krita and PS CS6 on those resolutions. I sent them an e-mail asking about performance. Lets see what theyll say. If they plan to improve in that area then Im definitely buying it.

Seems pretty decent but why the heck does no image editors ever work on Linux? The only reason I would ever move away from PS is if a decent alternative came out for Linux so that I don’t have to rely on Windows for anything.

They have Linux port in the plans for version 1.0.

Hey, Why not make a integrated image editor in blender ? I mean, the programming is all there, only plugin and more paint tools needed. import/export is already perfect. :wink: Just an crazy-godonlyknowswhen-maybe-idea. :smiley:

I doubt Blender implementation could reach the level of dedicated 2D image editor like Ormr. Then again, I know very little about programming.

Looks promising many things are missing and as with GIMP it has a hard time with large files and has no CMYK.

A4 300dpi isn’t even that big, that’s a showstopper for anyone working for print…

A4 300dpi is less than 4K video so its going to struggle with that too.

Ormr started out as an game sprite editor so its no surprise its not optimized for large files. It was on Kickstarter a while back with a video of the developer if you want some more infomation: Kickstarter Video

I personally don’t get the “uniqueness” of the none destructive editing, If I want to work like that I use Adobe Illustrator. But at $25 it seems a good deal especially if you need something optimized for quick asset creation for games.

I think it’s way to early to have a final conclusion on this software, it’s still early in the beta stage and that’s usually before you start getting a lot of optimizations.

I wonder why it’s called ORMR though?

Point is Illustrator lacks many tools and it is not really that good of an application.

And Photoshop stopped long ago being innovative. The nice thing about the non destructive is that you can do edits without killing the source file/layer. So hard to see that?

In PSD also effects re all hard backed and not reversible.

Check out Photoline and compare that with PSD.

@Ace Dragon
If its too early to come to a conclusion, they wouldn’t be selling it. Before anyone makes a purchase they are going to have to come to a conclusion of some sort.

When I said “optimized for quick asset creation for games” I did not mean software optimized I meant workflow optimized. If you watch the video about the products inception it was designed around creating assets for games quickly and iteratively.

Ormr isn’t a random arrangement of letters, contrary to what one may initially think. It actually means “European dragon” in Old Norse


The nice thing about the non destructive is that you can do edits without killing the source file/layer. So hard to see that?

I understand what a none destructive work flow is, I have been working that way in both illustrator and Photoshop for years. I was just saying that its not a unique feature of Ormr.