Photoshop CC $10/month for All

This deal has been going on for a little while for existing Photoshop users but they just opened it to everyone. Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. This is only open until Dec 2. At $120 a year it’d take you a few years to hit the full cost of Photoshop and you would be getting updates all that time. It would probably be about even in cost if you bought the full version and upgraded every other version or so, maybe still cheaper. Anyway if you prefer it to GIMP and can afford it I thought it was a good deal worth sharing.

That’s a pretty damn good deal, I’ll have to consider it. Thanks for the notification :slight_smile:

Ahh crap. Missed the fine print. Renews in a year at the then current price. So deal is only for a year then probably back up to $20 a month. Sorry about that.

Damn rent seeking $^&&%s!!! Very little with the words “a month” after a dollar amount and fine print is a good deal. Just sayin’.

Adobe’s fourth fiscal quarter is coming up (29th), and it seems they are a fairly short on subscribers to do some imaginary number magic like last time to appease their shareholders. That explains why they are offering this deal. They did similar actions just before the third fiscal this year.

Which is still not good enough. Give us a choice: either subscription or owning a license. I stopped using all Adobe software, and will never opt in to the subscription model.

@ ALL Photoshop cs2 is free :smiley:

Not legally. Better to just pirate a newer version in that case, not saying anyone should but the point is the CS2 isnt free to use especially not commercially. Thus theres no point in getting that old version.

Always remember the boiling frog story.